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St. Alban


St. Alban was a soldier and the proto-martyr of Britain (proto-martyr means the 1st martyr). He was killed in the third century, according to Gildas and Bede it was under the persecution of the church under the emperor Diocletian. Alban died like many of the early Christian saints in the amphitheatre outside of town and his relics were taken away by the Christian community and buried in a special shrine where people came to pray. This happened in the roman town of Verulanium which is now know as St. Alban's.

The reason for Alban's martyrdom is that he gave shelter to a priest, was converted and baptised, and then helped the priest escape a search by exchanging their clothes. He was killed by beheading.

His feastday is the 20th of June.

Stained glass window depicting his execution.

The parish badge, depicting palm of martyrdom
and the crown of victory with the cross.

Statue of St. Alban. He is shown with the the cross and palm leaf and dressed in his uniform as a roman soldier

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