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Iron Church


The information for this page has come from Mr Alf Daw, to whom I am very grateful to for taking the time to put some of these unuque memories to paper. The first proper Church of St. Alban's was a temporary building to cope with the growing numbers, but went on to be rebuilt several times and serve far beyond anything expected of it .
I include most of his letter as it shows the fascinating history of the building and some interresting sidelights on the history of the Catholic and Church in Wales communities in Cardiff.

I was born on the 30th of August 1909 and was Baptised in the old "Corrugate Iron" Church in Swinton St., a week or so later,

When I was about 5 years of age, on the outbreak of the 1914-18 war we moved from Railway St. , to Adamsdown, from our house , which was straight across from the corner of Swinton St., (almost next to the School), where I went for the first 2 or 3 years of my schooling and so I only had to go across the road and up a few steps straight into School.

My parents often spoke about the old church, before the present one was built , and opened in 1911, and I understand that the old one was dismantled and taken up to the site of the present St. Joseph's and became the first St. Joseph's.

I remember as a schoolboy visiting relatives in nearby Gilligan St, on a Sunday afternoon and going to Catechism and Benediction with them in the old St. Joseph's (Iron Church).

Then when the present church was built, it was again dismantled, and then given to the Church in Wales, was taken to newly building area of Tremorfa and re-erected as St. Philip's (C in W).


During those years, (but I can't remember the details), St. Philip's was replaced with a new church alongside the old one, with a red brick frontage, which can be seen today, with a beautiful carved Pieta, and the old Iron Church became the church Hall. Some years later they demolished it, and built their Church Hall, as it is today, and the old Iron Church was taken away and scrapped, after many years of marvellous service.


With prayers and good wishes
Alf Daw

PS Two of my father's brothers played in St. Alban's Band, the older one, my Uncle Charles, was a founder member in the 1890's and was still in it, almost to the end of his days

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