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Carol Concert I

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Composed of St. Albanís Brass Band, Children from St. Albanís Primary School and the Tenovus Choir.

St. Albanís Band had the honour of playing before rugby international matches at the old Cardiff Arms Park, at one time to uplift the crowds before the match. They practice in St. Albanís Parish Hall.

St. Albanís Primary School children prepared with their hearts and soul for this event and were enthusiastically shown support and gratitude by those attending the Carol Concert.

Tenovus Cancer Care is a Welsh cancer charity that supports cancer patients and their families, funds cancer research and works to raise awareness of how to prevent cancer. In 2012 Tenovus Cancer Care launched the 'Sing with Us' project, to run 15 choirs across Wales for cancer patients, survivors, their families and people bereaved through cancer. The local choir meets regularly at St. Albanís Parish Hall.

You will find photographs on page II to IV of Carol Concert.

Below you will find headings that that will give access to movie or sound extracts from the concert.

Where it begins https:// copy and paste the line/s into a web browser, e.g. Firefox, Chrome etc., and click play.

2_1 St Albanís band Christmas Party

2_2 St Albanís band and the congregation Hark the herald Angels Sing

3_1 St Albanís Primary School Silent Night, Calypsol Carol

4_1 Tenovus Choir Come Chattanooga With Me

4_1 Tenovus Choir Thank you

5_1 St Albanís band and the congregation Oh Come All Ye Faithful

6_1 Fr Scanlan Praise and thanks followed by the St. Albanís Band Christmas Festival

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